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Save With Rebates

Rebates can be annoying, but if you work them properly you can save significant money on the products you purchase regularly.

Some stores offer rebates, exepcting that most people will not return them. They can also make it very difficult to obtain your rebate. Some believe, myself included, that some of the rebate clearninghouses intentionally lose bags of mail to reduce the number of rebate claims they need to pay.

The Good Rebate Providers

Despite the problems with some rebate offers, there are several organizations that offer rebates and do a wonderful job making them easy to claim. Among these are Rite Aid (in my view, the best), CVS, and Staples. Riteaid and Staples allow you to request your rebate online, by typing in information from your register receipt, and they send you a single check each month (for Riteaid) with the total for all the rebates you claim, or individual checks from Staples. Walgreens used to have a similar program, but they replaced it with somthing that is no where near as simple. CVS does not often offer rebates per-se, but their ExtraBucks program is almost as good.

Free After Rebate

Some of the offers from CVS, Staples, and Rite-Aid provide you with products that are almost free after the rebate. You end up paying the sales tax. Of course, only a small percentage of the rebate offers are actually free, but even those that aren't can sometimes provide significant discounts. Most of these phamacies expect that by bringing you in for the free items, that you will purchase other items there, rather than from their competitors, and that usually works.
Rite Aid Singlecheck
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