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The CVS Extra Buck Program

The CVS Extra Buck program is one of ther better "rebate" programs that are available today. I placed the word rebate in quotes because you do not acutally get your money back, but instead receive Extra Buck coupons that may be used for other purchases are CVS during the followig 30 days. The program is simple, once you sign up for your ExtraCare card and scan it for your purchase, your ExtraBuck coupons print at the bottom of your receipt when you purchase a product for which an ExtraBuck offer is active.

The expiration of Extra Bucks may be "rolled forward" by using the Exta Bucks to by products for which other Extra Buck offers apply. If you use a manufacturer's coupon when purchasing a product that would be "free after extrabucks", you may end up receiving an Extra Buck coupon whose value exceeeds your cash outlay. You are allowed to combine Extra Bucks to make a larger purchase, but if you use Extra Bucks whose value exceeds the base price of a purchase (i.e. before sales tax is applied), then you forfeit the excess value. You pay sales tax that accrues on your purchases, and the sales tax can not be paid with Extra Bucks.

CVS will often provide coupons worth dollars off purchases over a certain amount (e.g. $3 off a $15 purchase). You can use these dollar off coupons on purchases to which Extra Buck offers apply, in which case you may receive more ExtraBucks than your out of pocket expenses. By combining these dollar off offers with manfacturer's coupons, and by rollingyour Extra Bucks forward, you can accumulate sizeable Extra Buck balances, but sooner or later you will need to "cash out" using them to purchase other items for which Extra Buck offers do not apply. Sometimes you can "cash out" by purchasig items covered by a manufacturer's mail-in rebate, in which case you might eventually receive a check for the value of the manufacturer's rebate.

A recent feature of the ExtraCare program is their Green Tag. You can purchase a Green Tag for $0.99 and attach it to a reusable shopping bag that you will use for future CVS purchases. Any day when you use the bag for a CVS purcase, you will accumulate an extra $0.25 in ExtraBucks ($1 of which will print whenver your accumulate a multiple of 4 uses).

Using Rebates