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Rite Aid Single Check Rebates - Gift of Savings

Among the best rebate programs available today is the Rite Aid Singlecheck rebate program. The Rite Aid program allows you to request your rebate online, by typing in information from your register receipt, and they send you a single check each month with the total for all the rebates you claim. It is easy and reliable, and you can receive your rebate as a check, meaning that there is no need to use for other purchases before it expires.

Each month, Rite Aid publishes their singlecheck rebate circular that shows the rebates available during the month (some rebates are only valid for specific ranges of dates), and their weekly circular shows the savings on individual features products for that week. During most weeks there will be features products that are free after the rebate (you still pay sales tax). In some cases, if you have a manufacturer's coupon for a product, it can result in your receiving a rebate that is more than your out of pocket expense to purchase the item.

In 2008 and 2009, Rite Aid also offered a Gift of Savings program near the end of calendar year, where you would receive a Rite Aid gift certificate based on your total Rite Aid purchases wihtin specific program periods. This was offered in addition to any Single Check rebates that were also available on the items you purchased. For the programs in those years, the gift certificate could be used for subsquent purchases (before its expiration) where the purchases qualified for Single Check rebates, providing a way to effectively convert the gift certificates into checks.

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