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Walgreens EasySaver Rebates vs. Register Rewards

Walgreens used to have one of the best rebate programs which they called EasySaver rebates. With the EasySaver rebate program you would purchase items featured in their monthly EasySaver rebate catalog, and at the end of the month you would submit your receipts, marking the rebate number next to the covered items, and in a couple of weeks you would receive a check for the total of your rebates. qIn the final year of the program, they improved it so that you could submit your receipts online (in much the same way as the RiteAid program).

The best part of the EasySaver rebate program was that you could choose to receive your rebate in the form of a gift card, and they would provide you with a 10% bonus, effectively covering your sales tax cost. You could then use the gift card you received for your rebate purchases in the following months, effectively rolling the rebates forward. If you used coupons on your purchases and paid for your rebate purchases with your gift card, you could see your gift card balance grow over time.

Unfortuately, this program was discontinued in the Spring of 2009 and replaced with a vastly inferior program.called Register Rewards. With the Register Rewards programs, coupons would print at checkout when you purchased covered items. While the instant rewards is nice, it is much more difficult to use the Register Rewards: they typicaly expire in two weeks, and they are treated and manufacturer's coupons, and with a limit of one manufacturer's coupon used per item purchased, it means it becomes much more difficult to roll their value forward.

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