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Grocery Savings

It is possible to save significant money on groceries, but the obvious ways to do so won't always work. For example, you might think that buying in bulk will save money, but sometimes the unit price (cost per ounce, or corst per pound) can be more expensive on the larger items, escecially if you have coupons that you can apply. Also, buying in bulk, when you would not normally use as much as you bought can lead to spoilage, rasing your grocery costs.

That buying the store brand saves you money is also sometimes incorrect, again, especailly if you have coupons for the national brands.

And finally, the belief that you save by buying at warehouse stores can also be misleading. You can save at warehouse stores, but you need to know what the prevailing prices in grocery stores are to decide if you are getting a deal. For example, buying soda at a warehouse store is usually a bad deal because the grocery stores are almost always running sales that make their prices better.

Using Coupons
Using Rebates