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Tips for Comparison Shopping

The best way to get good prices is to shop around. Before you leave for the store, find out what the price should be for the items you want. You can do this by checking several of the better online merchants. I suggest checking Amazon.com and Buy.Com as a good place to start, whether you are looking for Books, CD's, Software, Electronics, Audio/Visual, Clothing, and even Gourmet Food. Type in a description of the item in the search on the main page, select a category, and note the price. Then go to the local stores armed with the knowledge that will keep you from paying too much. If the price is too high, go home and order online. Keep in mind that you may have to pay shipping to oder online, but for many items on these sites, if the total amount of your order is over a certain threshold, the shipping may be free.

Typical Good Prices and guide to comparing Various Products

Using Coupons
Using Rebates